Your jokes are always bad Shadows & Ink 2024-05-20

Hey! Your jokes are always good, right?


Here you go – this is this week’s song, Here. By Pavement. Here:

I love this song, probably their best and least-wonky.

#Last Week

Okay, so the eagle-eyed among you will note that I didn’t do one of these last week. The plan had been to finish Dodds 1 edit, then do some work on Marshall 6, but I had an emergency edit to do, which took me about a week, but (hopefully) that means OPERATION HIGH CONCEPT is done. I’ll shut up about this now until I have some other news on this, however this comes out.

So I did some more work on Marshall 6, finishing some edits to the synopsis and getting back into that. I had this weird thing when I opened the file and was impressed by the idea and the level of detail in the synopsis, which is bizarre. I’d forgotten the idea and all the work I’ve done on it. A little bit of location research in Glasgow, that went a wee bit awry.

Did a bit of thinking on the release plan – it’s not going to be an August release, but looking likely for end of September. Just depends on how well I get on with the writing of it, planning to start it next week...

#This Week

Okay, so this week’s plan is break down the outline for Marshall 6 from the synopsis, which is hopefully a couple of days’ work, as it’s in a good place. Just fleshing out bits and bobs here and there, making things breathe and getting the flow going. I’ve done about half of it today and it’s gone pretty well. Probably be a wee bit shorter than the previous ones, but then I always say that and I’m always wrong.

Then it’ll be on to finishing off my edit of Dodds 1, which is closing in on 60k after 1/3 done and should more than creep over. In my editing, I was pretty pleased with how it’s been going, I have to say – it’s a much stronger execution of a decent story now.


I discovered this TV show I’ve heard nobody talking about called BABY REINDEER... Cough. Pretty much everyone is talking about it, but I binged it last week and enjoyed it. It’s dark and then goes into some weirder, darker places I really didn’t expect. Highly recommended, but if you’ve got experience of stalking or sexual abuse, go in heavily warned.

Have a look at this article in Saturday’s Scotsman about lil’ ol’ me:

Thinking of getting a few more birds. And contrary to the piece, I’ve actually since decided to name them – the one I’m holding there is Elliot, with Jolene her pal. If I get some more, it’ll be Vicky, Sharon and Chantal, probably.

Oh, and if you’re reading this on Monday and want to contribute a suggestion to the name of the Peebles boozer and entirely separate B&B in Marshall 6…

Have a great one!



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